A Car Cover Can Save You A Lot of Time and Money!

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I’m sure you’ve got as soon as been down to the jetty that is nearest to you, and seen all the ones small yachts and pace boats which have covers on them. Most of those toys cost more than the ordinary automobiles that the common people use on a daily basis, consequently the owners trouble with the covers as it truely does the activity to take wonderful care of their boats and preserve them in virtually suitable shape. People use these covers for their surely high priced automobiles and additionally for his or her normal cars that they use to force to work and returned, they believe them to guard those million greenback vehicles, as well as the ones motors that value less.

When you visit a store that sells luxurious products, for instance a luxury pen, a piece of jewelry, or an pricey bottle of whiskey, if you do become creating a buy, you may now not depart the shop with a simple white plastic bag, the type you get from your nearby grocery keep, instead you will first get the luxury object wrapped up with satisfactory paper, then positioned inside the center of a nice box that presentations in an elegant manner. Then perhaps a ribbon will be wrapped across the field, after which ultimately placed in a highly-priced bag. That’s the manner you take care of some thing with price. If this care is saved up then your product will maintain its dignity for its life span and that’s what you want.

So now while going via the process of purchasing a vehicle, it’s a product that one spends a whole lot of time contemplating on which employer suits you and then directly to which model is right in your functions, which shade and so on. But then one part of the procedure that the general public do not consider is what I actually have as a way to preserve this product according with the amount of care that this sort of treasured item deserves. You do not want that box that ribbon and that bag, no you want some thing that is simple to get on and off and of route you need it to protect the vehicle- a automobile cowl!

Car covers guard the vehicle from rain, solar, dust, sand, grit and so forth. Did you recognize that grit and rainwater together can reason your car to rust and emerge as no longer simplest unsightly, however also unusable? Well, they can, and you need to do some thing to guard your car from these outside elements, and masking your automobile is a extremely good way to do simply that! Some human beings might say that it’s not really worth the effort to cowl and find your car the complete time, but take into account that “Prevention is better than remedy” it takes plenty much less time to fast practice and get rid of the quilt than it does to clean down the car every night time, or at the weekends. It so easy!


Range Rover Velar, the newest vehicle presented by Land Rover, is confirmed to reach the Brazilian market from November. Since May, Brazilian customers can already make their reservations with the dealer network all over Brazil. The first early delivery versions that will land on the Brazilian market are equipped with a 3.0-liter V6 Supercharged 380 hp gasoline engine whose initial prices start at R $ 383,100 (R-Dynamic S), R $ 405,400 (R-Dynamic SE), R $ 445,500 (R-Dynamic HSE) and R $ 513,900 (First Edition, limited in Brazil to 20 units). In the future, customers will also be able to count on two other engine options: 2.0 Ingenium 250 hp gasoline – starting at R $ 291,000 – and those supplied with Ingenium diesel at 180 hp – starting at R $ 311,000. This will be the first time that Land Rover fully opens the customization of a model to the end customer. The Range Rover Velar will be available with a number of versions and packages that vary from the customer’s chosen engine. Each version will have configurable prices thanks to different serial items to meet the most varied customer profiles, therefore with different delivery times from the order. Produced at the Solihull industrial unit in the UK, the model is the fourth member of the Range Rover family and arrives to be positioned between the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport. The Range Rover Velar will be available in waterproof car covers with the already known eight-speed ZF transmission system, with option for sequential changes in the steering wheel.

Engine options

The first examples of the Range Rover Velar to be marketed in Brazil will be equipped with the powerful 380 hp V6 Supercharged engine that takes the Range Rover Velar from immobility to 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds and at 250 km / h of speed maximum, electronically limited. The propeller, which delivers 450 Nm of torque, is the same engine used in the Jaguar F-TYPE super sports and delivers agility and efficiency. Based on Land Rover’s claim history, these are the first units available for reservation. The future model will also offer option with the 2.0-liter Ingenium gasoline engine, the Velar develops 250 horsepower, with a maximum speed of 217 km / h. The engine is the newest member of the Ingenium family, produced by Jaguar Land Rover in the United Kingdom. In the also future diesel option, the model will feature the 2.0-liter Ingenium 2.0-liter Turbo engine, which develops 430 Nm of torque at 1,500 revs, enough power for fast speed pickups or even to bridge the most challenging off-road obstacles , as a legitimate Land Rover.

Unprecedented variety of configurations

The Range Rover Velar is the model with more possibilities of customization already produced by Land Rover throughout the history of the brand. There are hundreds of finishing styles, colors, textures, optional items and accessories to choose from. The variety of configuration in the series items will meet the most different customer profiles and can be equipped with all types of engines mentioned above. Basically, the customer will be able to customize his vehicle to the maximum: starting from the engine, he can choose everything on the brand site or directly with the dealer, everything he always wanted in a Range Rover. Range Rover Ensure, Range Rover Ensure S, Range Rover Ensure SE and Range Rover Ensure HSE are the basic specifications of each version. Each has:

– wheel options (up to 21 inches),

– headlamps (all in LED),

– Leather type and colors of the seats,

– infotainment systems,

– body colors,

– packages of exterior finishes, including black packs

– contrasting ceilings,

– packages of interior finishes, including air conditioning, massage and memory banks,

– steering wheels in different types of leather,

– sound system,

– Key-bracelet Activity Key in the Convenience Package,

– types of tires and steppes,

All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC), head-up display, 360-degree camera system, Terrain Response 2, Water Depth Sensor and trailer system,

– other additional accessories.

General features

The Range Rover Velar is a model built on five main pillars:

1) The Range Rover Velar has in its simplicity its greatest characteristic

– Designed and built from the perspective of reductionism

– Very luxurious interior space, simple and elegant, filled with interesting details like hidden or illuminated controls

2)  The 4th Range Rover: the new design revolution with precision in every detail

– The model will occupy the space between the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport

– Design and technology provide Land Rover the next logical step in expanding the Range Rover product line

3)  Respect the Range Rover’s unmatched heritage

– Almost 50 years after the first Range Rover, this same heritage is fuel for the line going further and further impressing

– The Range Rover began with its first prototypes, called internally of Velar, in 1969

4)  Setting future trends

– Continuing the history of the Range Rover in innovation, the Velar brings with it a high range of advanced technology that joins an attractive design and attention to the smallest details

– The all-new Touch Pro Duo infotainment system, ultra-thin Matrix-Laser LED headlights

– Retractable door handles (concealed in the body), in addition to details in polished colored copper dictate the trends of design and finish

5)  Refined and ready for every occasion: historic Land Rover capability to travel with ease in all types of terrain

– The model delivers the concepts that all Land Rover customers expect from a branded vehicle: the broad ability to travel on any terrain around the world – Exceptional experience at the wheel, with extremely agile steering, which combines great agility, quality and composure The concept of luxury SUVs emerged in 1970 when Land Rover introduced the world’s first Range Rover, the first vehicle to combine its ability to travel on all types of Land Rover Series 1 and 2 – which gave rise to Defender – with the sophistication and attention to detail hitherto present only in the premium and sports sedans of the era. Today, almost half a century later, the brand still remains at the forefront of innovation with the introduction of the fourth member of the Land Rover family: the Range Rover Velar, a model that stands out for its simple and elegant appearance, while at the same time high technology and in the optimization of fuel consumption its main characteristics. Developed in clean, simple shapes, the model is built using Jaguar Land Rover’s lightweight aluminum architecture platform and represents a new chapter in Range Rover’s successful half-century history. Every detail of the new model has received wide attention from designers and engineers who have been able to develop a vehicle that can respect and maintain the DNA and heritage of the Range Rover line. On the contrary, it can be considered as a reference for the new generations of vehicles of the Range Rover family.


The Range Rover Velar design brings powerful, well-balanced and beautiful proportions. The generous wheelbase contributes significantly to its elegance, helping to provide a spacious interior. “The Velar is a vehicle with an extremely attractive design, with an impressive profile and striking lines. It’s unique in its class, “said Gerry McGovern, chief designer of Land Rover. The Velar is a model that, at first glance, is recognized as a legitimate Range Rover. The average premium SUV has the perfect balance between size and proportions. Its wide wheels – which can reach 22 inches – reinforce a striking profile while helping to give the model a remarkably remarkable presence. Its ‘floating’ roof and its shell-shaped hood clearly refer to its lineage and visually reinforce the full capacity of the model, giving confidence to the driver to travel in any type of terrain, as well as the other vehicles of the Range Rover line. The 2,874 mm wheelbase (Range Rover Evoque: 2,660 mm and Range Rover Sport: 2,923 mm) contributes to an exceptionally spacious cabin in conjunction with an outstanding luggage-carrying capacity of 673 liters, the leading segment volume. From the front, the thin LED headlights give the model a striking look. Its more elongated back provides a perfect balance of external shapes and proportions, and underscores the imposing look of Velar.

External details

More than perfect proportions in its forms, the Range Rover Velar was also designed with attention to the smallest details. From the outside, an imposing front grille that fits perfectly to the hood and ultra-thin LED headlamps, as well as the front air intakes give the model a modern and striking appearance. Seen from the rear, the model is equipped with dual exhaust and chrome exhaust which integrates perfectly with the rear bumper and refer to the excellent performance of the model on asphalt. The door knobs – just like the Jaguar F-TYPE – are retractable and ‘hide’ in the body, being exposed only when necessary. This feature helps the Velar to be the most aerodynamically efficient vehicle ever produced in Land Rover’s history, with a coefficient of just 0.32. LED headlamps are standard on all versions, allowing brand designers to create the finest headlamps ever assembled in a Land Rover. In addition to LED headlamps, the model is also one of the first in the world to offer customers the optional Matrix-Laser technology. Lasers provide even more visibility at night, with a range of up to 550 meters. The headlights are directional and accompany the steering wheel movements of the model, which provides a better view of the road at night and increases safety. The Velar fog lights further enhance its technological design and are seamlessly integrated into the front of the model. LED taillights also give the model an extremely modern look and are complemented by extremely strong and safe fog lights that do not overshadow the driver of the vehicle behind. A line of 13 body color options will be available to customers, as well as eight other wheel design options, ranging from 18 to 22 inches. Other customization options will also be available according to the version, which makes Velar a highly customizable vehicle.


Range Rover Velar debuts the all-new Touch Pro Duo infotainment system, the most advanced Jaguar Land Rover ever developed. The system consists of two 10-inch touch screens that accommodate all of the model’s entertainment functions, allowing for almost no panel buttons and provides an extremely simple, functional and minimalistic look. Located in the middle of the central instrument panel, the screen above is divided into three parts dedicated to navigation, media and telephone. Its functions are completely intuitive as in a tablet or smartphone. The screen below is fully integrated with the center panel and controls the weather functions or even Terrain Response. The new system allows all its functions to be controlled by the touch screens or by means of only two rotary knobs located in the center console.

The perfect sound

As well as an incredible connection capacity, the Velar is equipped with a high quality sound system. Meridian, one of the world’s most prestigious premium audio companies, has developed a system of up to 1,600 W of power and 23 speakers with flawless quality. The sound system features Bluetooth connection, music applications like Spotify, high resolution TV, USB and HDMI outputs for total entertainment of all passengers.

Internal Finish

When the Range Rover Velar is seen from within, it shows a clean, simple and elegant interior with a high level of sophistication and refinement. The principle of reductionism was constantly employed in the development of the vehicle, as can be seen by the extreme reduction in the number of buttons visible to the driver, which contributes to create an extremely welcoming and modern environment. The design and technology have been fully integrated to create the new Touch Pro Duo infotainment system, which is a key item within the Range Rover Velar. The system consists of two integrated 10-inch high-definition touch screens. They bring highly intuitive functions and commands to the occupants of the vehicle and are positioned in a completely harmonic way to the interior of the model. Designed to be totally practical and simple to use, Velar has also been designed so that all its internal space is well used. The SUV features a wheelbase of 2,874 millimeters, allowing all its occupants to enjoy ample legroom, while the trunk capacity is 673 liters, the largest in its class.

In all, customers will have more than 8 interior trim options that include brushed aluminum, carbon fiber or lacquer. All of these options can be combined with six types of panel and seat panel covers and leather or fabric doors. Positioned to provide a more sporty feel, the Velar front seats bring more than 20 electric adjustment options with massage functions. The seats have been meticulously designed to be as light as possible, to optimize the maximum internal space for the occupants and also to facilitate the entry and exit of the occupants of the model. The central panel has an almost total absence of buttons, which gives an extremely clean look to the model. In it, two 10-inch, high-definition, touch-sensitive screens have been added to bring the new Touch Pro Duo infotainment system, which integrates the Terrain Response and Terrain Response 2 driving systems, depending on the version. The Touch Pro Duo system features two rotary, multifunction buttons that control all the model’s functions, from air-conditioning intensity, driving mode, sound volume, or Bluetooth settings. The center panel also houses the rotary gear selector that rises silently when the Velar is turned on. In front of the driver, a 12-inch TFT screen brings all the vehicle’s operating information and digitally reproduces, in your eyes, the speedometer and tachometer hands. Because it is totally virtual, the TFT panel makes the most relevant information such as fuel level, navigation instructions or tire pressure leap into the eyes of the driver in a very attractive way, which increases safety and avoids as much as possible the driver take your eyes off the road. The entire indoor environment is LED illuminated and for total occupant comfort, they can choose from up to 10 different colors.


The lightweight aluminum frame of the new Range Rover Velar combined with the double wishbone front suspension and the Integral Link rear suspension system offers the perfect balance of agile handling, comfort and refinement. The combination is also one of the safest in the world, as Velar is designed to achieve the highest levels of safety in the most demanding impact tests on the planet. The model offers the most advanced in safety systems such as stand-alone emergency brake, pedestrian detection, cruise control and adaptive speed, among others. As a true Land Rover, the Velar brings full-four-wheel drive, air suspension, transposition capability for flooded stretches with up to 60 centimeters of water, and the unique Terrain Response 1 and Terrain Response 2 systems that provide ample capability and robustness to traffic on the most difficult types of terrain.

Capacity in all conditions

The Range Rover Velar offers new levels of styling, while Land Rover’s exclusive technologies provide ample capacity on any type of terrain. As standard, the model features Land Rover’s patented downhill descent control system (HDC). It helps the driver with controlled descents on difficult slopes on all terrain. The system maintains a steady speed and applies braking separately on each wheel. The Ramp Start Assist, also supplied as a series item, ensures that the vehicle does not rewind as it continues on a slope. The vehicle also uses the Gradual Output System, also supplied as standard, designed to prevent it from sliding on a slope if the driver inadvertently releases the brake. When equipped with 380 hp V6 Supercharged engines, the model features the revolutionary electronic air suspension system, which provides exceptional articulation and balance for the wheels. It changes the height of the vehicle quickly, allowing cross-linking of the diagonal wheels to keep all four wheels on the ground on very uneven surfaces. In addition, it also makes it easier to put heavy objects in the trunk as you can change the height of the vehicle by about 50mm to suit your needs. These functions can be operated via the 10-inch touchscreen or by a button in the trunk area. The suspension height is also reduced automatically when the model exceeds 105 km / h. Lower in 10 mm, the model has its aerodynamic drag reduced which provides better performance and fuel economy.


The Range Rover Velar comes standard on all four-wheel drive versions with intelligent transmission line dynamics (IDD). Working in conjunction with all-wheel drive, the IDD system acts to optimize torque distribution from the engine to the wheels to ensure maximum traction on all terrain types. Developed exclusively for the Range Rover Velar, the transfer case utilizes a wet multidisk clutch with electromechanical drive that provides precise power distribution for all four of the vehicle. The IDD system constantly monitors vehicle behavior and ground conditions for total optimization of the torque sent to the wheels, which can range from a 50:50 ratio on the rear and front wheels, or 100% to one side or the other, all to ensure maximum performance on and off the road. The technology acts instantly and without the intervention of the driver. The Range Rover Velar also features the braking torque vectoring system, which reduces the model’s undercarriage in situations of sharp curves by means of controlled braking of the internal wheels and guarantees extreme stability even at high speeds.

Adaptive Dynamics System

Also standard on all versions of the Range Rover Velar, the technology constantly monitors the position of the wheels and compares them to the position of the body in order to compensate for any scrolling, offering a dynamic behavior. The system analyzes the driver’s controls on the throttle, brakes and steering and engages the dampers that electronically adjust the suspension settings for complete balance and stability.

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